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I`d never thought i would do this, but i`m now officially a blogger...

For those interested...head over to:…

I will be sharing some stories, behind-the-scenes, tips on processing and such....and of course a lot of pictures..

Feel free to subscribe..


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Edit dec 1st: printprices are lowered

I`m happy to announce that i have joined a norwegian website that can deliver fine art prints worldwide.

So for everyone interested in my work...head over to:…


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Hi folks!

I get numerous printrequests through dA. The simplest way to buy prints of my work is to do so through

I`ve uploaded a large portion of my portfolio and buying prints is pretty easy.

So to everyone requesting prints....just go to…

Take care folks!

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I`ve entered a "stupid" online contest here in Norway. I reckon the chances of winning to be a equal to the chances of winning the lottery, but if you don`t`ll NEVER win...

The prizes are amazing, so i would really appreciate it if you follow this link and give me 5 stars :-)…

I`ve also started the job with uploading my portfolio to theuntappedsource. This way it will be a lot easier for everyone outside Norway to buy prints of my work. It will take some time to upload everything, but it`s slowly building....…

Now i`m heading into the mountains for some shooting..


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I`ve never done a journal before so go easy on me :-)

Lately i`ve been getting requests on where you can buy prints of my images, so i thought i could point you in the right direction.

I have a simple website at

There you will find a selection of my work. Additional images can be found either here on DeviantArt or over @ Flickr.

If you wish to buy prints all you have to do is send me a mail describing which pictures you are interested in and which size you want. I will then get back to you with detailed prizing.

All my images are printed in limited numbers in professional quality. I guarantee perfect results.

Have a great day!