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November 7, 2009
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Where the sun dont shine by uberfischer Where the sun dont shine by uberfischer
I had hoped for something like this for a long time.... I had walked around in the mountains the whole day just enjoying the weather and looking for decent compositions. The clear sky really bothered me throughout the day, i HATE clear skies when i`m shooting. And it even bothered me more when i found several compositions that really made me happy...A dramatic sky for some of those shots would have been something. Perhaps i`ll upload them later...if i feel like it.

This particular composition made me smile. I came walking down towards the lake and was getting ready for the 3 hour walk back to my car, when i saw these fascinating sheets of ice. They really made an ultimate foreground for this scenario. They were located on a spot that doesnt get any sunlight at all at this time of the year. This valley is surrounded by steep mountains all around and this side of the valley never gets the pleasure of sunlight in late october...

On the other side of the lake the mountainsides were bathing in glowing light from the setting sun. It really was glowing...

So i was able to shoot an icecold foreground against a glowing background in a way that i had visioned for a long time. It really made my day...
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What a great shot! I'm sure other people have said it (even you), but I absolutely love this foreground with the golden light on the mountains, and's like fire and ice. I know what you mean about clear skies, clouds make the shot so much more interesting. I also love how you wrote about this picture, it really gives me a feeling of the area, and I thank you for that. I always try to do my best at that, and I can't stand when people just put a couple dots down, and don't even say where it is. Anyways, incredible shot, it's an instant favorite, and i'll take a look around your gallery!
Thanks a lot, i really appreciate it.

I can definately be better at writing...and i will :-)
oh no, that was a great write up
Wunderful picture--- and thanks for the story.

Ciao ;-)
JoseMelim Jan 21, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Fantastic picture! Cold coloured first plan, very warm the following. Nice clean sky, detaching the nice scenery. Great colours, great general detail, great framing.
JoInnovate Jan 21, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Great composition with the ice in the foreground!
Bojkovski Jan 21, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
beautiful tones
great capture
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