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February 2, 2010
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Stave... by uberfischer Stave... by uberfischer
Saturday was such a great day. For the first time i had an entire day with nothing to worry about...except photography.

And i was gonna meet up with 4 amazing photographers who had come over from England a few days earlier. They had spent some days in the Lofoten Islands probably getting countless incredible shots...

A close friend of mine, Håkon, was supposed to join me, but he decided that it was much more fun to throw up and run to the bathroom every other minute...well....we all have our pleasures :-)

We had decided to meet on Andøya, one of the biggest islands in Norway. It is also a place with some wonderful coastal sceneries AND the aurora borealis is quite common out there. The plan sounded really good..

After a couple of hours driving i went over a bridge. I spotted some guys shooting the bridge. Since locals arent known to care much about bridges, i knew it had to be some foreigners.

I`ll cut the crap...all 4 where great guys. But they will cost me a lot of money. I`ve more or less booked a flight to England in autumn, and Andy almost got me convinced about buying the b&w polarizer..the one that cost a fortune. ahh well..i`ll settle with the one from Heliopan.

We spent the entire day driving & shooting. Mostly driving... And let me say this; Peter Spencer made me feel like i was part of an episode of Top Gear. For an englishman driving on slippery icey totally rule :-)

We did catch a great sunset at a place called Stave. I found a small area with plenty of ice. I had one wish for the get some seascapes with ice and snow. I got plenty of them... This particular shot was fascinating because of the mix of hot and cold colours. The water was kinda rusty and the sun gave it even more of a warm glow...

This sunset had one hell of an afterglow, but i didnt manage to capture anything worth mentioning...

The evening was spent chasing the aurora. With no luck :-( Antony was getting desperate and kept seeing "hints" of the aurora on the lcd on some shots. I really, and then i mean REALLY, hope they get to see it before they leave...

Ah..well. We had a great day with lots of laughing. I finally had the chance to practice my english...hope i didnt sound too much like Thor Heyerdahl ( )

Andy had a chance to express his love for Freddie Mercury and Smokie....(ok...THAT was a joke), Gary was complaining about the norwegian landscape..(something about too few piers and bridges.......ok....THAT was also a joke)

i`m tired....thanks guys for an amazing day!

Technical stuff about the shot:

Canon 5d w/17-40mmL

iso 50

Lee 0.9 & 0.6 Soft

Have a great day!
photofairy Apr 7, 2010   General Artist
a totally cute story :D i don't think we have anything remotely stunning as this to offer in UK (photographically), but you will enjoy the social life :)
great work, i am enjoying your gallery very much!
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